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Hey i'm sam, i'm 17, my friends and family have helped make me the person i am today, im going to go to culinary school some day, doctor who, warehouse 13, and bones are some of my favorite tv shows, kind of a hopeless romantic

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I reblog this every time I see it, no question.

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#perksofbeingawallflower #quotes


#perksofbeingawallflower #quotes

With the amount of hormones in my dorm room right now, Idk how we’re going to get through it…. with me being angry and frustrated, two of my roommates always crying, and the other one being sick….. #thestruggleisreal

Andrew’s new dog, this is college! :) #collegelife #dogs #southhall #jwu @blue_eyedblankitoo

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Free your lines and the rest will follow…or at least that’s the idea behind this notebook created by Marc Thomasset. 


you don’t understand

this would fuck me up so badly because I wouldn’t be able to write outside of the lines and I would literally have to flip the notebook as I wrote because I am going to damn well make sure that my sentences follow those fucking lines 

best way to piss off your english teacher

my brain is crying


I’m about to go pay this $800 fine, and my checks have baby farm animals on them, Bitch!!
— New Girl (via deathfrisbeesarecool)

But these were the days, the choices we make decide who we will be and where we go. As we say goodbye, the look in your eye is screaming silently, remember to never forget. ~ Hawk Nelson “Lest your Forget”

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im in no position to have high standards but it doesn’t stop me

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that one person everyone loves and you’re just like




Glad I dont have to deal with him anymore!

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I think I found my graduation speech


I think I found my graduation speech

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